About the Product

Easy Paint is a simple freehand painting demo in Unity

The goal is to make a demonstration on how to do freehand line painting in Unity. And you can integrate to your working project easily. All scripts are well-documented, usage and concept included. It's very easy to follow!

  • Work with all Unity License
  • Basic set/get pixels version
  • Advance RenderTexture version
  • Pencil for drawing
  • Ruler for straight line drawing (New in version 4.0)
  • Eraser for cleaning
  • Paper for new canvas
  • Undo / Redo (RenderTexture version only)
  • Colors switching
  • Show / Hide tool bar
  • Native UGUI
  • All in C# with well documentation
  • Usage and concept included

Let's try and play with Easy Paint. Cheers :)

Updates and Change History
Version 4.0 (current)
Released: Jul 18, 2019
New: Added Ruler as new drawing tool
Version 3.0
Released: Apr 11, 2017
New: Added Undo/Redo as new tool
Update: Remake whole UI to Native UGUI
Version 2.1
Released: Dec 5, 2015
Fix: Minor bug fixes
Update: Improved performance
Easy Paint
Released: Aug 16, 2014
Version: 4.0
Released: Jul 18, 2019
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